Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jenny's Travel tips

These are my personal travel tips:
  • Bring band-aids. You may not need them but you can almost gaurentee that a 2am someones gonna need one.
  • Nail clippers and q tips- So many uses. So useful. Nail clippers also funtion as siszors in a pinch
  • If your doing the metro thing, Get a pass. I relized its much cheaper to buy a weekly pass ($30 in Washigton DC) then paying $5 for four or so rides.
  • Remember public transportation is your freind (Re: Cheap)
  • Don't waste time you dont have writing in your journal. If you like to write go ahead but if not fallow my tips below:
  • Jot down all the places you went. If your keeping track of anything else jot down a quick note of these items (for me it was metro stops, I wanted to hit them all) write down any funny antidotes. CHECK people off your souveneir list
  • Souvineer list: BEFORE you go: write down everyone you want to get a gift for. Next write down there shirt size, shoe size, favortie colors, favorite critters, things like that. Allergies are also good to jot down. Do this in a little notebook and carry it with you at all times when your on vacation. Check off people as you get them things (may also help to write in the margin what you bought them (especally if you want to spend X dollars)
  • Memories: Use postcards, If your not a journal writer buy a postcard or two daily. Put the date on them then write down what you did that day in detail. This is a very cool way to have a photo and word in one. Also easy to store and share. Fun for the kids
  • Film- Gosh, dont forget film. Its horibally expensive in tourist areas( $10 for 3 rolls in D.C, 7 for a single roll in Disney land)
  • Batteries are also expensive! Remember this!

Now A Question for youl:

What do you do with vacation photos? Leave me a comment and I will share the best on my blog latter this week!
Also What else would you like to see on here? More tips? Pictures? Photography tips? More website reviews?

Any topics you would like to see me talk about? If so leave me a note. Keep it clean this is a family style blog, my sisters read this!

How to travel with only one bag. Is this really possible? Let me know if it works for you! I tried this when I went to Calafornia. Lets just say it didnt quite work.
Now to cover each section:
What to pack:
Packing lists are great yes, but sometimes they stink. I mean look at the one on the site: Mine contains 90 items.
  • To do for most trips are rather useful.
  • Shoes: They only say sandles. Let me tell you from my last trip to Washigon, D.C sandles will just MURDER your feet. Remember people, confort before style. Dont buy new shoes though. Wear you confortale ole worn in ones. Check your destination plans to make sure your not bringing dress shoes to a beach vacation or sandles to the opera.
  • Who the heck travels with a unbrella? If it rains, put on a darn rain parka. You'll stay just as dry without wasting precious space DUH
  • The clothes for women catorgy is missing unmentionables for below the belt
  • What are beach pants? I don't understand that one. I wear whatever pants slide over my swimsuit. OH these are the pull on pants like my grandmother wears. Pull on dress pants people!
  • If you put paper documents in a paper folder its just obtusive. It works better to put them in something like this
  • Forget the maps, most times you can pick one up for free.
  • Unless you read every night before bed skip the novel and magizines. I took three new ones last time I went on vacation, NEVER even cracked a cover.
  • Dont bother with a cork screw you can borrow them everywere.
  • Who carries a thermos? I do reccomend though a EMPTY water bottle (like a hard plastic propell bottle). Very useful in 90 degree weather when water is $3 a bottle
  • As for what to pack in, I reccomend a duffel bag. They expand well and lots of stuff fits in them.
I love the tips on this site to advoid creases. I personally roll my clothes in my suitcase, since it makes more stuff fit.
Check with your airline on carry on size BEFORE you shopThink quality. My personal reccomendations are protgue sport and essential. They are both moderelty priced. My essentials carry on's have been used to hold board games in a messy closet when not in use. They have survived being tossed,shoved and stuck. I love how this site covers differnt types of travlers and how they should pack.

overall this site gets a B+ for being practical. A C- for covering all aspects and a Overall C+
Recommended: Yea, but dont make it your only travel site


Gosh I love vacations. I just hate preparing for them. I hate finding plane tickets, hate the costs, HATE packing, and shopping. I just want to get the heck outa town without thinking. How about you guys? So in an attempt to help others: Look in my future posts for advice!

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